Thursday, December 17, 2009

Are We Getting Cheesier?

Last night was the third night that The Sing-Off was on, and I was tuned in. As the host Nick Lachey says every five seconds, it's the only a capella singing competition on television, and I'm hooked.

While I sat in awe and watched "The Beelzebubs" sing the great Neil Diamond's Sweet Caroline I started to think about how cheesy some of the shows on TV are these days. Here's a list to prove my point:

5. Glee - I posted on this show a few weeks back. I love it. It's about a high school glee club and it's fantastic, but again, it's about glee club and there are showtunes involved...

4. American Idol - The classic cheesy singing competition that has been on way too long in my opinion, but people love it!

3. So You Think You Can Dance - I don't watch this show, but some of my friends love it. It's basically people who have been dancing their entire lives either professionally or for fun who come together to compete for fame and fortune. Well maybe neither fame nor fortune, but definitely street cred!

2. America's Got Talent - How cheesy can we get? It's a variety show/competition. People yodel, mime, perform acrobatics, and train their dogs to jump through hoops -- awesome!

1. Dancing with the Stars - Super Cheesy Cheesiness! Who can resist Donny Osmond dancing his little heart out? I know I can't.

Anyway, I happen to really enjoy cheesy goodness once in a while. I sing along to the Broadway hits being belted out on Glee, I practice my samba while swiffering the floor after a good episode of Dancing with the Stars, and I've taught Bella to juggle like one of the showdogs on America's Got Talent! Okay, so Bella can't juggle, but these shows make me happy and that's all it's really about.

Do you enjoy cheesy shows too?

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