Thursday, December 10, 2009

Self Important People: Part Two

I was really annoyed yesterday when I was waiting on line at the grocery store and two men decided that their time was more precious than mine and proceeded to cut in front of me. I said to one of them "hello, I was actually next," but he ignored my cries. I said out loud to myself, "maybe I am invisible today."

Anyway, it got me thinking about the top five places that self-important people always frequent. I'm not saying that all people who visit these places are self-important, but I guarantee that you will find a few self-important people there at all times. Here they are. See if you agree.

5. The Gym - Oh my god, are the people at my gym soooo important. Just ask them, they'll tell you! Never a kind word in the locker room, just judgemental glares. Always racing to the next available machine and pushing you out from in front of it...

4. Hair salons - Ever feel the need to dress up when you go to get your hair did? That's because the people at hair salons are self-important and un-friendly. Maybe it's just salons in big cities, but I feel like if you're shampooing, and then styling my hair, should'nt we at least say two words to one another? Maybe be friendly and really work for that tip? I guess they're just better than me...

3. Stuffy stores like Brooks Brothers - Okay so Mike loves him some Brooks Brothers, but I can't stand the place. I'll admit, they carry really well made menswear, but their staff are rude, and the people who shop there are the WORST. Talk about snobs...yuck.

2. Starbucks - My grande double stuffed oreo latte, is more important than your tall holiday peppermint patty mocha supreme...AND I will push myself in front of you to make that point very clear. Why can't we order in small, medium, and large? I HATE the people that hang out at Starbucks.

1. Whole Foods or other Organic Markets - AHHH! I swear the people that shop here are the most elitist, snobs on earth. Oh look at me, I only eat organic, and I have the paycheck to do so, (Whole Foods = Whole Paycheck) and therefore I am superior to all others. Whatever. I like to be able to buy Heinz Ketchup and Hellman's Mayonnaise if I want to.

Ohhh! Mike and I flew to Seattle today and I am so happy that I didn't post this entry yet, because MANY self-important asshole-ish people hang out at the AIRPORT! Pushing their way to the gate, placing their carry-ons in the over head bins where they don't belong because MY carry-on belongs there, over MY seat...anyway, the point is, that people need to chill out and not be so pushy at the airport. Your time is not more important that mine and we will all get to our destination eventually.

There I'm done.

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  1. Co-signing on all of this! Bad service in the name of snobbery really gets my goat. I mean HELLO, asshat--presumably you would like a tip!