Sunday, December 20, 2009

Today's Gripe: People Who Steal (my) Shit

Starting late Friday night, Mother Nature hit DC with an early Winter smack down. I'd guess that total accumulation was between 1 and 2 feet, probably closer to the latter.

Among other collateral damage, my Dad and Sis who were supposed to visit this week, got snowed out of DC. They made it as far as Denver on Saturday, but by midday all flights into DC were canceled.

Nonetheless, Christina and I tried to make the best of the inclement weather by heading over to see Matt and Josh, our close friends who live just a few blocks away in Logan Circle. A bit of background is in order for those who don't live in DC. Our neighborhood is a few years past gentrified -- but well beyond transitional. Most who live here are young, professional and fairly well to do. As such, we don't spend any time worrying about our safety or whether our stuff is in danger of being stolen. We leave our Weber grill on the roof of our building for days on end, we never worry about the car parked in our garage, etc. So when it rains or snows we leave our umbrellas, boots, etc., in the hallway in front of the door. Who doesn't?

I think you can see where this post is headed.

So I left my Bean Boots in the hallway in front of Matt and Josh's apartment Saturday night. A few hours later -- GONE! What the hell? Who steals a pair of boots -- a place I put my sweaty feet? Knowing that the poor person who's the rightful owner will be stranded in two feet of snow with nothing to wear on his feet . . . what the hell is wrong with people?

Thankfully, Josh had a pair of Tim's (albeit size 11) that I borrowed to wear home. Still, I am fuming that some piece of shit would have the nerve to steal my boots. I ask you all to keep an eye out for some 12" Bean Boots with a piece of tape around the end of one lace on the right foot. I'll pay extra if you kick the guy who stole them in his nuts.

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