Friday, December 4, 2009

Gripe of the Day: Self Important People

They are everywhere in D.C. Of whom do I speak? Those self-important assholes, of course! Just take the White House State Dinner crashers, for example. So self-important that they made themselves believe that they were invited to the White House, when they are really just pathetic fame seekers...anyway, I digress.

Back to my personal gripe. Why is it that when I'm walking to work at a brisk pace that people feel the need to shove me out of the way just to get by. The phrase commonly used is "excuse me." Please try it.

I also wonder why it is that when I have the right of way and the signal says walk, a lunatic driving a Volvo feels the need to make a left at top speed, damn near hitting me! It makes no sense. First off, it's Friday. If you're in that much of a hurry to get to work, you're a loser. Second, if you're running late, try leaving your house earlier, to avoid RUNNING SOMEONE OVER! Just a thought.

I also feel like people here are blindly unaware of their surroundings. Wake up and smell the city people. There are others that live here. During rush hour, don't let your dog poop in the middle of the sidewalk where people are walking. It's rude. Also, if you're walking with a friend or a loved one, hand in hand, please know that you are taking up the entire sidewalk and that single file walking might be necessary so that others can pass. That would be polite. Lastly, your time is not more important than mine, nor is your life. So pretty please with sugar on top, clean the fucking car. Um, I mean be aware of your surroundings, and don't do drugs.

That's it.

*If you're not a movie line kinda person, "So pretty please with sugar on top, clean the fucking car" is a line from the film Pulp Fiction. "And don't do drugs" is a line from the film City Slickers. Two very different, but awesome movies in my opinion.

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