Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Delightful Denim

My jean shopping experience this weekend was great and I ended up with two new pairs of really soft, comfy, and stylish jeans.  We went to Saks which had a great selection to choose from.

I must have tried on about 7 pairs and decided on a soft, darkish blue pair of Stilt's by AG which are basically cigarette style, and a pair of soft, lighter colored, St. Barts's by Hudson, which are a more relaxed fit.  Seriously though, both pairs are made of some of the softest denim I've ever felt!  Makes wearing jeans a dee-light!

AG Stilt

Hudson St. Bart
I can wear both cuffed and they can be dressed up or down which is excellent!

Next up...summer dresses! Stay tuned...

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