Monday, April 11, 2011

Night and Day

There are certain rules to follow when it comes to dressing appropriately.  More specifically, there are rules to follow around night-time versus day-time apparel and even your overall look.

Here's a quiz to see if you know right from wrong:

  1. Bright red sequined top - Night or Day?
  2. Dark smokey eyeshadow - Night or Day?
  3. Flowery dress with pink cardigan - Night or Day?
  4. Six inch platforms - Night or Day?
  5. Tight black pants and halter top - Night or Day?

  1. Night -- saw a woman wearing this today and it looked wrong.
  2. Night -- save it for a night on the town! Not a great look for 10am staff meetings...
  3. Day -- a woman at an evening "cocktail attire" event I attended was wearing what looked to me like a summer day wedding appropriate dress.  It was weird.
  4. Curveball question -- I'd say either, depending on the outfit and the color of the shoe.
  5. Night -- I really don't need to see you in your club outfit when I'm walking to work...
How'd you do?

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