Thursday, April 21, 2011

How Anoying Are: Men with Bad Facial Hair

I'm sure you know one -- a man with bad facial hair.  Whether it's a scraggly beard, or an outdated goatee, bad facial hair is out in abundance!

I saw a guy this morning rockin the super thin goatee where it's really just hair lines outlining the cheeks and chin and around the mouth -- GROSS!  I thought that look went the way of the hammer pants back in the early 90's!

Here are some really bad offenders:

Ludicris facial hair!

This is what I saw this morning! Awful.

Scraggly and pathetic.
Oh Jonathan! It's just not working.
So, have you encountered some bad facial hair today?


  1. ♥ So nice post.) Love your blog.) ♥

  2. Thanks Mary! Please come back!

  3. Why so judgmental?